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Pneumatic unloading of the moving parts of the vibration stand allows you to test products without the use of external unloading devices.

Shock absorption of the housing isolates vibration in the operating frequency range.

No shaking of the vibration stand when operating at low frequencies even at maximum loads.

It is possible to install a vibration stand on vibration-isolated foundation.

Key Power Amplifier Efficiency - 80 %.

Built-in bias power system.

Minimum magnetic stray field above the vibration table.

Air cooling system.

LED vibration table position indicator.

Protection of the shaker and power amplifier.

Compatible with any control system.

Test Modes


Frequency range - from 5 to 3600 Hz in accordance with GOST requirements 28203-89.


With setting spectral density levels, power vibroaccelerations in different parts of the spectrum in accordance with GOST requirements 28220-89, 28221-89, 2822-89, GOST R 53188-2008.


In accordance with the requirements of GOST R 51371-99, GUEST 28215-89: half sinusoidal, triangle, trapezium, seismic shock during impact strength and impact resistance tests, including during transportation.



The parameters of the vibration stand comply with GOST requirements 25051.4-83.


Allowed to conduct tests in accordance with the requirements of GOST RV standards 20.39.304-98, GOST R 53188-2008, series of standards GOST 30630…30631.


Primary certification is carried out according to the requirements of GOST R 8.568-2017 or GOST RV 0008-002-2013, if the installation is used in assessing the conformity of defense products. The content and methods of certification are determined by the requirements of GOST 25051.3-83, OST 1 02705-90, as well as GOST RV 20.57.305-98, if the installation is used in assessing the conformity of defense products.

Maintenance and guarantee

Primary certification and commissioning work is carried out by our engineers or specialists partners.

The contract includes delivery costs, initial certification and commissioning.

Warranty period - 3 of the year.

Extended warranty and service agreement available.


Nominal driving force:

sinusoidal vibration, amplitude

10000 N

random vibration, CKZ

7300 N

"classic" kick, pulse amplitude

20000 N

Nominal acceleration, amplitude

785 m/

Maximum acceleration, pulse amplitude

1100 m/

Rated speed

1,8 m/s

Nominal travel, amplitude

±25 mm

Maximum travel, amplitude

±28 mm

Nominal frequency range

5…3600 Hz

Fundamental Resonance Frequency

2930 Hz

Given mass of the moving system, no more

12,7 kg

Resonance frequency vibration resistance of the body of the vibrostand

3,5…4.3 Hz

Table diameter

240 mm

Maximum static load weight

150 kg

Power supply parameters

380 AT, 50 Hz

Maximum power consumption

22,0 kVA

dimensions (Ш×В×Д)

1100×630×785 (mm)


1150 kg

Amplifier A1231

Power amplifier output power, no less

12,0 kW

Rated output current, SKZ, no less

102 BUT

Amplifier efficiency, no less

80 %

dimensions (Д×Ш×В)

760×530×1520 (mm)


320 kg

Ventilation unit VC4122

Fan motor power, no more

4,0 kW

dimensions (Д×Ш×В)

680×440×640 (mm)


75 kg

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