RECIS company – many years of successful experience in the market for the production of veterinary X-ray machines, industrial x-ray machines and introscopy systems, allowed to update the company's commercial activities. In addition to veterinary, our company offers UNIQUE technological equipment for various areas of production activity, like in agriculture, as well as in industry.

Joint activities with well-known manufacturers made it possible not only to expand the functionality of already manufactured equipment, but also to increase the service life and reduce the payback period.

High efficiency with minimal maintenance overhead, contribute to additional profit, and the use of the latest materials and components guarantee reliability.

Service support experience of the supplied equipment provides customers with the opportunity not to worry about the search for spare parts and consumables. And constant technical support allows you to get prompt advice during the entire period of operation..

Our priorities:

– supply of proven and safe products with the highest technical characteristics;

– continuous improvement of the production process and human resources;

– regular expansion of the trading range;

– full after-sales customer support: Qualified maintenance, delivery of parts and competent advice;

— loyal pricing with an economically justified manufacturer's margin.

To ensure maximum reliability, each X-ray device, coming out of our shops, tested in extreme operating conditions.

Our achievements - these are your benefits!

Our customers - our pride!

Our products and equipment are used:

Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology. KI. Scryabin (MGAVM and B im. KI. Scryabin);

State Scientific Institution Research Institute fur farming and rabbit named VA. Afanasyeva (GNU NIIPZK Roselhozakademii);

Central Moscow Hippodrome;

Stable MOE;

Federal State Institution breech "5 Edge Training Center of the Russian Federal Security Service";

Federal state educational institution of additional state-owned vocational training school Rostov-detecting dog Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (FGKOU DPO RSH CPC Interior Ministry);

Center dog service of the MOI of Russia for the Central Federal District;

Metropolitan network of veterinary clinics "his doctor".

With our participation released books:

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