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Medical X-ray film to green color KODAK MXG (KODAK), Recommended for use with orthochromatic fluorescent intensifying screens KODAK GREEN 400 или KODAK Lanex, It represents bilaterally emulsified photographic material, sensitized in the green part of the spectrum with a maximum sensitivity at a wavelength 545 ± 5 nm. The distribution of the spectral sensitivity of the X-ray film KODAK MXG (KODAK) It coincides with an intense green luminescence screens KODAK GREEN 400 и KODAK Lanex, made on the basis of rare earth phosphors. The newest technology of flat silver halide microcrystals (KODAK T-grains) reduced crossover value, used in the production of emulsions KODAK MXG ray film (KODAK), ensures excellent quality and high capacity image information. X-ray film KODAK MXG (KODAK) It is highly stable, keeping their sensitometric characteristics, including a low fog density, during the warranty period. X-ray film KODAK MXG (KODAK) It has a blue polyethylene terephthalate (PETF) basis, colored burnt in the mass with an optical density prokraski Fundamentals = 0,165, and a thickness 0,175 mm, which provides a high degree of transparency and brightness of radiographs. Emulsion, and protective layers are provided auxiliary antihalation protection and antistatic, and the special technology of these layers allows chemical-photographic processing KODAK MXG film manually, and in automatic processors of all types, including the accelerated cycle time to 45 sec. X-ray film Kodak MXG (KODAK)It is most suitable in general radiography for obtaining high-quality X-ray images with short time intervals and wide exposure. To detect KODAK MXG films may be used as known compositions, eg, projavitelь KODAK RP X-eviction, and new, eco-friendly developers KODAK X-OMAT EXII and image quality remains consistently high almost regardless of the degree of oxidation, temperature and concentration of developer while processing KODAK MXG ray film (KODAK) in a dark room it is recommended to apply a protective lamp with red filter type KODAK GBX-2 with a lamp power not exceeding 25 W. X-ray film KODAK MXG (KODAK ) It is supplied in packages po100 sheets and has the following formats: 13x18, 15x30, 15x40, 18H43, 20h40,18h24, 24x30, 30x40, 35x35, 35h43 cm.

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