Dosimeters individual series DKG-PM1604

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Compact personal dosimeter DKG-PM1604 series are designed to measure the dose and dose rate of gamma radiation in a wide range. A dosimeter can be used in extreme conditions, equipped with a clip for wearing on clothes.

Small professional dosimeters designed to measure personal dose equivalent (Ed) HP(10) power and personal dose equivalent (BIP) HP(10) gamma- and X-ray radiation from the 1 mkZv / h to 5 Sv / h (DKG-RM1604A) or 10 Sv / h (DKG-RM1604V) in a wide energy range.

Sealed shock-resistant case allows you to use devices in harsh environments and carry out decontamination dosimeters, if necessary, Fluorescent lights and allows an easy to read the display in the absence of ambient light.

The device is designed with the requirements of the standards IEC and ANSI N42.20-2006 61526: 2010.

alarm levels

The dosimeters provide the ability to set two independent alarm thresholds for dose and dose rate, above which it is automatically followed by audible alarm. In this case, the display of devices shows that value, wherein the threshold is exceeded, which ensures timely informing the user about the radiation hazard.

In those cases, when the radiation intensity exceeds the upper limit of the dose rate measurement, the display shows the warning message "OL" and emits an intermittent beep.

Non-volatile memory

DKG-RM1604A and DKG-RM1604V dosimeters are equipped with non-volatile memory, in which it is automatically saved to 1000 history events (dose rate measurements, values ​​accumulated dose, cases and levels of exceeding the set alarm thresholds; 500 BIP + 500 Ed).

Through the infrared communication channel, information from the nonvolatile memory of the device can be transferred to a personal computer for further processing and analysis., as well as presentation in the form of appropriate databases within the framework of the monitoring and accounting system for personnel exposure doses.

measurements of saved
in the memory


device modification DKG-PM1604A DKG-PM1604B
Detector Geiger-Muller Geiger-Muller
measurement of the DER from 1.0 mkZv / h to 5.0 Sv / h from 1.0 mkZv / h to 10.0 Sv / h
Limit of allowable relative error of dose rate ±(15 + 0.02/H + 0.003H) %
where H - the dose rate in mSv / h
(in the range 0.001 – 5000 mSv /)
±(15 + 0.02/H + 0.002H) %
where H - the dose rate in mSv / h
(in the range 0.001 – 10000 mSv /)
DE measurement range from 1.0 mSv to 9.99 Sv from 0.01 mSv to 9.99 Sv
Maximum permissible relative dose error of measurement ±15% (in the range 1 Sv - 9.99 Sv) ±15% (in the range 1 Sv - 9.99 Sv)
Energy range 0.048 – 6 MeV 0.048 – 6 MeV
Energy dependence of sensitivity with respect to energy 0.662 MeV (137Cs) in the whole range ±30% (in the range 0.048 – 3 MeV);
±50% (in the range 3.0 – 6 MeV)
±30% (in the range 0.048 – 3 MeV);
±50% (in the range 3.0 – 6 MeV)
Survive after momentary influence over the 5 min gamma maximum allowable dose rates 50 Sv / h 100 Sv / h
Resistant to falling onto concrete from a height 1,5 m 1,5 m
alarm type sound sound
Stopwatch Yes Yes
The calendar minutes, clock, day of the week, number, month, year minutes, clock, day of the week, number, month, year
Additional functions alarm clock, timer, stopwatch alarm clock, timer, stopwatch
Communication with PC IK IK
Battery Type CR element 2032 CR element 2032
Low Battery Indication icon on the LCD icon on the LCD
continuous operation time from one battery, (with average DER value not more than 0,3 μSv / h, and using the backlight, sound, light and vibration alarm - no more 20 c / day.) no less 9 months

*using the LCD backlight, audible and visual
signaling no more 5 min / day

9 months

*when using LCD backlight no more than 5 sec / 24h

Dimensions 50× 56 × 19 mm

50× 90 × 19 mm with clipping

50× 56 × 19 mm

50× 90 × 19 mm with clipping

Weight 85 g 85 g
Operating temperature range -20 to +70 °C -20 to +70 °C
relative humidity to 98% at 35 ° C to 98% at 35 ° C


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