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Installations for photochemical treatment x-ray film

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Settings for the display of X-ray (radiogramm, X-ray film) относятся к установкам для «ручного» проявления рентгеновской пленки и используются в составе фотолабораторного оборудования рентгеновских кабинетов лечебно-профилактических учреждений и промышленной дефектоскопии.

The peculiarity of this kind of plants are durability, ease of maintenance and low cost, for photographic and with a small area, and loading a special modification. In installations for the display of radiograms (X-ray, X-ray film) may be any fotohimreaktvy, по усмотрению потребителя.
Each unit has a housing in which the combined 5 containers: to manifest, rinsing after development in running water, fixing, rinsing after fixation (water team), окончательной промывки в проточной воде.
Install different sizes of containers and the extent of their equipment (presence developer temperature maintenance system, safelight, negatoscope, timers). Установки для обработки рентгенограмм подключаются к системе централизованной подачи воды и сточной канализации.
system applied to the developer units maintain temperature, which not only automatically maintains the temperature, но и имеет расширенные функциональные и информативные характеристики.
With this system,: – available continuously displays the actual developer temperature red emission with an accuracy indicator 0,1 ° C; – the user has discretion to set automatically supported independently developer temperature in the range of 18-31 ° C; 1 ° C increments; – permanently displayed state of the system – “It is heated”, “It corresponds to a predetermined temperature”, “Above a predetermined temperature”; – provides visual and audible alarm in the event of deviations of the developer temperature maintenance work on the parameters of the system.
Fitting for developing X-ray film made of white plastic, not allowing diffusion (introduction) it chemical reagents, что обеспечивает сохранение внешнего вида оборудования при длительной эксплуатации.
practice shows, that under moderate loading photographic laboratories X-ray rooms, use of manual settings for processing X-ray film supplied with cabinets for drying it is more cost effective in comparison with the use of the developing machine, that for all their merits (including. treatment to 200 radiographs during),which are expensive, require constant skilled care, make special demands on the range of films and chemical reagents, water quality, have an increased consumption of chemicals.

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