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Proyavochnaya machine Advanced Automatic Medical X-ray Film Developing Machine. Automatic detection film produced immediately after feeding into the machine. the film is developed, secured, washed and dried. Applying a simple operation allows the microprocessor to change the processing conditions in accordance with different types of film and reagents. Provides temperature control, circulation and automatic replenishment of developing solutions.

mode The developing machine produces, fixing, washing and drying of films. There is a possibility of individual choice and the preservation of values ​​in a microprocessor temperature control unit, processing speed and replenishment rates for different types of processed film.
Automatic filling and heating When the machine is turned on, the water tank is automatically filled with water and the heating of the chemical baths is turned on.. During this procedure, two dashes are displayed “. .” and the developer temperature button blinks until the desired temperature is reached. Two dashes indicate the operator, The car is not yet ready for operation. After reaching the set temperature the machine is ready to work. Developer button does not flash.
Standby mode After finishing the film processing, the machine automatically enters standby mode., wherein in the constant temperature baths. Embedded circulation pumps provide circulation of liquids in baths and uniform temperature distribution by volume. every 20 minutes program prevent crystallisation starts rotating rollers, thus avoiding the formation of aggressive crystals on the rollers inside the machine. During a long stay in the standby mode, and after a predetermined time the control unit starts the fill cycle to avoid oxidation reagents, located in the car (replenishment time).
film Register The design of a special impulse reflective light barrier eliminates even film exposure, sensitive to infrared radiation. When the film is fed, the light barrier sends a command to start the machine.
Automatic compensation When the film passes through the baths, the quality of the developer and fixer decreases, for this reason, it requires regular replenishment of the reactants. By means of the light barrier is measured surface area of ​​the processed film. After treatment, approximately 0,25 m2 film replenishment cycle is activated. During this cycle, reagents are pumped into the machine from the filling containers. Replenishment quality can be adjusted by selecting the replenishment rate.
-Film feed: sequential roller drive
-Film formats: Letter to 45,1 cm (17,7 inch) width; minimum film format – 10×10 cm (4×4 inch)
-Performance: 245 pictures form 35×43 cm per hour with a cycle duration 60 with 232 picture format 24×30 cm per hour with a cycle duration 90 with
-Time of processing: 1-5 minutes; adjustment increments 0,1 minutes
-linear speed: 30-151 cm / min, depending on the selected processing time
-developing time: 14-71 with, depending on the selected processing time
-Tank capacity: 12,5 This developer, 12 l fixer, 13 liters of water
-Circulation system: constant circulation of developer and fixer using a special pump
-Restores reagents: automatic, by comparing the area of ​​the film surface area of ​​film processed; the number of regulated; possible replenishment in time
-Pace. developer: regulated, 28-40 °C
-Pace. fixer: Adjustable tempo. developer using a heat exchanger
-Drying temperature: regulated, 35-70 °C, the actual temperature depends on the mains voltage
-Water supply: Permissible pressure water: 2-10 have; allowable water temperature: 5-30 -Expenses ° C water: 1,9 l / min during processing
-Discharge rate: 11 l / min
-heat release: About 1,5 kJ / s during processing
-Environmental conditions: 1 Temperature: 18-40 °C, ventilated area, the room temperature should be at least 2 ° C below the solution temperature 2 relative humidity: no more 80% at a temperature 31 °C, It may be a linear reduction to 50% at 40 °C 3 Height above sea level: no more 2000 m 4 For indoor use only
-Pollution degree: 2
-Protection class: IP 20
-Electrical connections: Model 212: 230 В±10 %, 50 Hz, 10 BUT
-power consumption: Standby mode: 0,23 kW • h -Handling: 2,4 кВт•ч
-Weight (apparatus): Empty 77 kg-fill 115 kg
-Open Desktop Values
-dimensions (LxWxH): 97x68x127 cm
-Footprint: 0,67 m2 (7,2 quarter. ft)
-Noise level: < 59 dB

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