Digital X-ray detector for PSA-radiography, fluoroscopy, Computed Tomography conical and RC-WF-2436

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Dynamic Portable Rapid Access and wireless new digital X-ray PSA-detector, equipped with battery, It offers a comprehensive review of the subject, enabling clinicians to provide their customers a broader diagnostic capabilities. Innovative wireless portable detector allows you to make a digital X-ray even more flexible.

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Highly accurate diagnosis with a low probability of error

Detector RC-WF-2436 with the quantum detection efficiency over 40 %, dynamic range 16 bit, two additional modes a dual resolution pixels or hypersensitivity, It generates a high quality image, which helps users to identify the smallest details of the subject.


high-capacity battery provides excellent mobility, It eliminates the need to carry additional replacement batteries, and guarantees 200+ Images without charge.


The detector is ready to receive image after 5 seconds. The sequence of images, available in less than a 4 seconds (with Ethernet-connection) and through 12 seconds (with Wi-Fi-connection), improve the performance of health practitioners. imaging mode with a high correlation coefficient signal / noise generates clear images for still objects, thereby ensuring the highest level of accuracy of the image relative to non-destructive testing applications and security systems.

  • A high resolution, over 5 lp / mm;
  • Dynamic image with a frame rate of over 30 frames / sec;
  • Support for interfaces to connect between the two networks (Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet);
  • Built-in battery of high capacity;
  • Integrated automatic exposure control: synchronism with the generator is not required;
  • Performance in a wide range of operating conditions;
  • Ease of maintenance at the client site;
  • To 5 year warranty on parts.

RETSIS company provides solutions based on its own PSA technology. PSA-architecture integrates a dual two-dimensional optical sensor with a range of ultrafast stitching algorithms to recreate the image by using redundant data with overlapping fields of view of adjacent sensors.

The unique technique of automatic calibration ensures accurate brightness temperature drift compensation and parametric noise, even to obtain a series of successive images.

Dynamic imaging devices are key components for modern conical computed tomography X-ray apparatus and tomosynthesis. relatively high sensitivity requirement increases the complexity and therefore the reliability of the dynamic detector. Modular design - is the key to ensure ease of maintenance and a long service life of the digital system.

IONA2 detector line includes highly scalable modular implementation, which gives the solution to the problems in design of dynamic detectors.

specifications IONA2
receiver type LED sensor array optically coupled (PSA)
Screen Type Conversion DRZ-Std (CsI ​​further)
The number of sensors 120
field of View, mm 244 x 304
Analog-to-digital conversion 16 bit
Automatic exposure control (AED) complex
data interface Wi-Fi IEEE 802.1м, Gigabit Ethernet
X-ray type
pixel area 4096 x 5104 2048 x 2552
Step screen pixel, m 66 x 90 132×180
Spatial resolution, lp / mm 5,0 x 5,0 3,8 x 2,8
geometric distortion < 0,5 %
Flyuoroskopiya / Tomosintyez / Conical CT
pixel area 4096 x 5104 2048 x 2552 1024 x 1276
Step screen pixel, m 66 x 90 132 x 180 265 x 360
The maximum frequency of the signal, lp / mm 7,5 x 5,6 3,8 x 2,8 1,9 x 1,4
The number of frames per second 2,7 20 30
dimensions, mm 365(v) x 345(h) x 77(d)
housing material Carbon fiber / plastic
Weight, kg 4.3
Nutrition 18 AT 50 BT post. eg., with the battery charger
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