Digital X-ray receiver RC-WF-2430

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Dynamic Portable Rapid Access and wireless new digital X-ray PSA-detector, equipped with battery, It offers a comprehensive review of the subject, enabling clinicians to provide their customers a broader diagnostic capabilities. Innovative wireless portable detector allows you to make a digital X-ray even more flexible.

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Highly accurate diagnosis with a low probability of error

Detector RC-WF-2430 with the quantum detection efficiency over 40 %, dynamic range 16 bit, two additional modes a dual resolution pixels or hypersensitivity, It generates a high quality image, which helps users to identify the smallest details of the subject.


high-capacity battery provides excellent mobility, It eliminates the need to carry additional replacement batteries, and guarantees 200+ Images without charge.


The detector is ready to receive image after 5 seconds. The sequence of images, available in less than a 4 seconds (with Ethernet-connection) and through 12 seconds (with Wi-Fi-connection), improve the performance of health practitioners. imaging mode with a high correlation coefficient signal / noise generates clear images for still objects, thereby ensuring the highest level of accuracy of the image relative to non-destructive testing applications and security systems.

receiver type Photodiode sensor array optically coupled (PSA)


The number of sensors 120
field of View, mm 240 x 300
The energy range of the X-ray, kVp 40-150
Screen Type Conversion DRZ
Analog-to-digital conversion 16 bit
data interface

Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11n

X-ray type
pixel area 4096 x 5104 2048 x 2552
Limiting Resolution, lp / mm 5,0 3,1
Flyuoroskopiya / Tomosintyez / Conical CT
pixel area 2048 x 2552 1024 x 1276
Limiting Resolution, lp / mm 3,1 1,7
The number of frames per second (Max.) 7,5 30
Battery capacity, min. 200
dimensions, mm 441(v) x 255(h) x 87(d)
housing material Aluminum
Weight, kg 7 kg
Nutrition 18-24V DC 36W, with the battery charger


receiver dimensions

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