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In this section, we present Portable tomosynthesis system for the equestrian market. Now you do not need to use anesthesia for animals, and can be done sedation, to calm the animal and take pictures.

Our new development – universal scanner, providing operative reception quality 3D X-ray image, with stratification and measurement processing of individual parts of the test object.

Optimization and ease of construction and the use of low-dose X-ray source provided a significant reduction in the cost of production scanner, while keeping all the image quality characteristics, obtained in imagers with high doses of X-rays.

Used in tomography IPS monitors (In-Plane Switching) to provide not only high-definition image, but also a larger viewing angle - from whatever angle, and the angle at which you would not look at them, the image will not fade and will not lose its color.

Another advantage of this type of screen is a very good color rendering. Also IPS displays, usually, characterized by fairly high contrast. The use of low-dose X-ray sources would greatly facilitate the construction of the imager and to minimize its size, thus facilitating the selection of premises for the scanner, and reduced power consumption.

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