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When choosing a mobile X-ray machine for the veterinary clinic is often the question arises, which of the types of mobile X-ray machines to choose: portable or mobile.
If now, portable X-ray machines have a maximum voltage at the X-ray tube 110 kilovolt (KB), peak current 100 milliampere (mA) and electrical energy to 100 milliamps per second (Mas), the mobile X-ray units have maximum voltage X-ray tube 125 kilovolt (KB), peak current 500 milliampere (mA) and electrical energy to 320 milliamps per second (Mas).

Each of the options of mobile X-ray machines has its advantages and disadvantages. Briefly, they can be identified as follows:

– X-rays more than 3 times higher in mobile X-ray machines, than the laptop, however mobile X-ray units are more suitable for operation with X-ray film in a very short time of shooting modes. When working with digital receivers high doses of X-rays are not required.

– dimensions: the maximum size of a portable X-ray machine is not more 500H250H280 mm. the size of the mobile X-ray unit is not more than 1170X 560X 1870 mm.

– weight: portable phones have a weight up to 21 kg, mobile to 170 kg. A lot of weight mobile devices hinders their movement inside the clinic, and outside the medical institution.

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