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X-ray photography of various objects on photographic film is a complex process, comprising:

– selection of optimal values ​​of X-ray radiation for shooting objects of different densities (kilovolt, milliampere, time;
– positioning the subject from the X-ray emitter and to comply with all the set conditions for the photo-chemical treatment process X-ray film.

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To perform shooting on X-ray film, you must have:

– dark room, with established lantern lighting red or green color, depending on the sensitivity of X-ray film. To the blue-sensitive X-ray film, required lantern red, to X-ray film is required to green color green lantern;
– X-ray film of the required size, depending on the size of the subject or its part. Most sensitive to green color is a film, blue-sensitive X-ray film requires more X-rays to obtain high-quality images;
– the protective tape with a screen for converting X-ray film, the appropriate size of the film. X-ray film cassette protects from external light sources and sunlight. Converts the screen enhances the X-rays, converting it into visible blue or green light that reduces the X-ray, necessary to obtain a quality image;
– Capacity of the developer solution;
– Capacity for the fixer solution;
– container for flushing water;
– frame for fixing the film in various sizes, are used in the process of photochemical treatment and X-ray film drying;
– developer solution;
– fixer solution.

As the containers for developer, fixer and water, the cell may be used from a stainless material or photochemical systems for processing X-ray film. Recently, widespread developing machines.

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